uprooted & rooted

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this week's humpday jaunt was to our favorite, the farm at agritopia. i know that our nice weather days are numbered and even though it was in the nineties, there was a nice breeze happening and we decided to brave it and grab some uprooted kitchen plus a nice spot in the shade. perfect.

gosh, we have been doing the agritopia thing for two and a half years now. it holds such a special place in our collective heart. and the food from our friends at uprooted holds a special place in our bellies. the farm is going through an exciting season of change. and gosh, so are we. at one point during dinner, i found myself so overwhelmed by it all. here we were, our little family. our "baby" getting his first full plate of uprooted food. our kids splitting a meal. elinor sipping on her requested "farkling water". i remember strolling the grounds when she was just a bitty thing in the sling. and now, she was carrying on a conversation with us while we ate.

the farmstand and food trucks buzz has settled and the farm is more calm on wednesday nights, but it is also humming with an energy of AMAZING projects that are taking shape. this farm is coming into its own. finding its groove. growing up. and i couldn't help but be struck by the similarities between our beloved agritopia and our family. we aren't in that "everything feels fresh and new" season of life anymore. we aren't newlyweds or brand new parents. we feel a little more seasoned, a little more settled. there is a strange sense of ease to our life right now. a good groove, in spite of the unknown that we are experiencing. and while there will always be breezes or gusts of change, we feel more rooted and prepared to sway along with them.

our little friend the food truck has only six more weeks operating as such. very soon, the uprooted kitchen will plant its roots in agritopia's new craftsmen community, barnone. and we are SO EXCITED for them and for the other creatives and crafters and cooks and cool people to be featured there. so while there is a ton of change coming and lots of work to do, the change/work, oddly enough, is making things feel more settled and secure.

and golly gracious, isn't that just how i am feeling right now. life decisions and big shifts and lots of work on the horizon. new seasons. ch-ch-ch-changes. and yet, a feeling of coming into our own. hopefulness. serenity. God is moving. moving in our hearts and minds. moving things into alignment. reminders of his provision. moments of clarity. clear providential blessings and not-so-happenstance occurrences that show me he is on his throne. he is working. his timing is perfect. and that our faithfulness will never be in vain. he is a good God. and even when it seems like he is taking away or plucking us from something or yanking us out by the roots, perhaps it is because he has accomplished what he set out to accomplish in us and through us, in that particular place. perhaps we have outgrown our little pot. perhaps we need an infusion of fresh soil. perhaps he has a bigger and better place in mind. a place where our roots can dig deep. a place where we can bloom. a place where we can yield more fruit and be a blessing to others.

so here's to the growth process. here's to change. here's to finding our roots. here's to flourishing. may we continue to walk in the light. may we be faithful. may we have hearts of gratitude. may we look for ways to benefit others.