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last thursday, i had the pleasure of attending the WE ARE UNITED event hosted by valley of the sun united way. the luncheon was a fundraiser for the breakfast in the classroom program AND a fabulous opportunity to mix-and-mingle with some incredible women (and some men too) from around phoenix. VSUW is doing some incredible things. raising awareness. raising funds to benefit community causes. and connecting people to meaningful ways to serve. they are all about lifting people up. seeking out and finding ways that they can making lasting change. engaging local leaders. and giving the next generation a chance to reach their potential.





one of their focuses that i love is the breakfast in the classroom program. and thanks to the generosity of those in attendance, over 100 schools were fully funded! oh my gosh. to be there and watch person after person throw his/her paddle in the air to support this cause - $4000, $2000, $1000, $400, $200, $1000 at a time - was incredible. and because VSUW has done the legwork, that money goes right to the schools in our community so that BIC can be implemented, no delays or red tape or hurdles. it's a real solution to a real problem. right now.

you can watch some highlights from the event here. and if you would like to make a donation to the BIC program (donations start at just $5) you can do that here: bit.ly/1qAzGhQ


i was able to sit at a table with some remarkable women from our community. movers and shakers. business women. bloggers. wives. mothers. friends. creatives. you name it, our table had it. and that was just one of MANY tables. what a room. i felt so inspired. and motivated. the conversation was so good. the networking was topnotch. the speakers were entertaining and uplifting. and fundraising was overwhelming.

and then, the pièce de résistance, listening to the keynote speaker, leigh ann tuohy. her story is amazing. her personality is infectious. and her passion is undeniable. in our swag bag, we received a copy of her new book, turn around. and i can't wait to dive in. it is the perfect springtime read. and just what i need for this season of life.


the heart of her message is that simple actions can yield big results. like her story, it can be seeing something that isn't right and turning the car around. that small decision made all the difference. FOR SO MANY PEOPLE.

it's about being aware of your surroundings. being in touch with your community. putting yourself out there. seeking out opportunities. having a heart that's willing. getting involved. lending a hand. linking arms. reaching out. giving back. rolling up your sleeves. doing what you can with what you have. wading into the lives of others. that's SO what i want to be about and what i want to model to my children. serving others. taking action. giving generously. being a change-maker.

thanks again to valley of the sun united way for reaching out to me. i am honored to partner with you. here's to making a difference and making things happen, together!