joyride + life's joys

IMG_1907 snapped that picture above as elinor was mid-sentence. and in case you were wondering, she was saying: let's get this show on-a-road, guys! while being forced to wait FOREVER in the parking lot outside of the restaurant while we were getting ridley out of the car. she's too much, this sassy gal of ours. 

so, to celebrate ben doing a whiz-bang job at work (plus, hello...hump day!) we decided to hop in the car and enjoy an evening out. it was a weird day for weather. the clouds made me want to be curled up by the fire with some sipping chocolate HOWEVER it was 98 degrees! confusing for sure. we made our menu choice based on the heat index and not the overcast skies. and when it is hot, our dinner of choice is pretty much always mexican food. joyride time.

aaaaand here's a smattering of snaps with some corresponding snippets for ya. enjoy!


their bright yellow chairs always make me smile. and all the surrounding gray tones make for a fabulous contrast. that's some strong beach house decor inspiration, right there.


oh, chips and salsa. we kept having to remind elinor to slow down but we aren't exactly the best models for that behavior. we're working on pacing ourselves but WHAT IS IT ABOUT CHIPS AND SALSA? gets me every single time. we also ordered the skillet queso because that stuff is incredible. a spoonful of that inside a warm flour tortilla? game over.


the retro/mod vibe is such fun. and i definitely dig those light fixtures. i appreciate when people can do quirky decorating well. i have friends that know how to collect and curate and mix-and-match unexpected items to create such a funky feel in their home. mid century and flea market finds and super modern lines. i am a sucker for all of that...but it is SO NOT ME. that aesthetic doesn't suit us. i am often drawn to it when i see it elsewhere but every time i attempt to bring something like that into the house, it just doesn't work. and that's okay with me. it's like when i try to wear pieces of clothing that don't fit my personal style. it doesn't look right. and i don't feel right. i will admire a bold-print dress or vintage item or free-flowing-hippie shirt on someone else who can totally rock it but i know better than to bring it into my closet. it would stick out like a sore thumb and end up in the goodwill pile. ahhhh...wisdom comes with age. living and learning. knowing who you are and being happy that way. not feeling the need to jump on every bandwagon or adopt every trend. saves you time and money and headache, that's for sure. gosh, such life lessons at the taco house, last night...

okay, back to the good stuff. major bunny-trail-rabbit-hole there.


these tacos. i love the way they are presented. and i looooove that they are overflowing with flavor and toppings and juices. that's some good stuff. for some reason, i wanted to order all the beef ones. not a chicken taco or veggie taco to be found! and that was a fantastic choice, if i do say so myself. each one was marinated and assembled perfectly. love the spice with a sour bite and a bit of crunch. i think the carne asada was my favorite. there's something about those crispy beef edges...and the slaw and the salsa. tasty tasty.


obligatory architecture + sky shot. i love the geometry and rigidity of the lines juxtaposed with the fluffy clouds. steel blue and baby blue. harsh and soft.


and as i have said before, i am a sucker for succulents. i love a potted collection of these babies. and when you pair them with an oversized spiky guy? le swoon. i will have you know that i have kept our portulacaria afra alive for over six months now. that's pretty solid for me. here's to seeing it survive the summer... fingers crossed.


i will close with my boys. they are the very best ones. i am so blessed and honored to be married to such a devoted, diligent, helpful, funny, and solid man. to walk through this life together. the ups and downs. in sickness and in health. for better or for worse. 'til death, hubs. he does his best, consistently and constantly. he gives his all for his employer, clients, partners, and team. and then he comes home and gives his all for his family. he uses his gifts and talents well. he serves his church family and the arts community. he is a tremendous life partner. he is a doting father. he is a renaissance man. he gets the job done. and he does it superbly. and he does it all, Soli Deo Gloria.

and as for that little man...i pray that we can bring him up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. that he will look to his earthly father as an example. that he will seek counsel from the wonderful men in his life. that he will increase in knowledge and wisdom. that he will listen to the experiences and lessons of others. that he will maintain an adventurous and confident spirit. that he will be humble. and most of all, that he will love Jesus deeply and strive to please his Heavenly Father in all things.

Coram Deo.