taking stock | march's end

IMG_1816IMG_1818IMG_1820IMG_1827IMG_1830IMG_1829IMG_1848IMG_1849IMG_1854IMG_1852IMG_1855IMG_1868IMG_1884making / tacos. it is just that time of year when all i want is a meal of chips and salsa and spicy things. washed down with an icy margarita. extra lime, please. hold the salt. cooking / is a family affair right now. and eating is an al fresco one. hashtag spring. drinking / rosé all day. a.k.a. summer water. and p.s. the girls behind the amazing yes way rosé brand have partnered with club w and launched a real-deal pink drink that is actually called SUMMER WATER. bravo. too good. and it is currently holding us over until our springtime wine shipment arrives... reading / style guides. a year in provence (again). kind emails from friends. wanting / all the coffee. and all the water. and all the bread. and all the gingham. looking / at my planner...into fall and into spring 2017. already. gotta have a plan! playing / with bouncy balls. ridley pounces on them like a little cat. wasting / paper. lists and plans and art abound. sewing / not as much as last month but i got a little creative with some free-quilting and plan to bind that baby soon. excited to share more about completed projects and next projects... wishing / that i could control things. but grateful that i can't. enjoying / my morning flow sessions. and dance + barre class. waiting / and waiting and waiting and waiting. and waiting some more. liking / being silly and acting like a (wannabe) youngster over on snapchat (for anyone who cares, i am madameswanky over there). i am definitely not cool enough or born in the right decade enough to be there but, #YOLO (and all those other sayings that again, i am not young enough to be saying). plus, elinor thinks the funny face filters are a crack-up. i dunno. it's just a big, goofy partyville there. and who couldn't use more of that in the everyday? play is good. "a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." i think dahl would approve. p.s. thank goodness for a teenage sister-in-law who rolls her eyes at my lameness and schools me on what the cool kids are doing. keeping me young(ish). hoping / that some exciting things come to fruition. marveling / at God's kindness and sweetness and provision. He is a good God, indeed. smelling / citrus everything and rose everything. and sneezing far too much. wearing / high-waisted jeans + slouchy vintage linen white shirt. a.k.a. my spring uniform. by the way, this high-waisted trend...your thoughts? jury's still out over here. noticing / how grown-up ridley is looking. some of that baby fat is thinning out and revealing a little dude bod. freaking time and its relentlessness.  knowing / that i am blessed beyond measure. thinking / about vacation plans and next stages of life and just life in general. adulting is hard sometimes. SO. MANY. DECISIONS. feeling / inspired. hopeful. stuck. in limbo. ready. eager. happy. relaxed. perplexed. grateful. rejuvenated. content. so, feeling all the feelings. bookmarking / furniture and design inspiration. looking forward to pulling the trigger on some things soon. opening / the world's biggest box from amazon. why they ship a box of toilet paper and a box of paper towel with other boxed items inside of a massive outer box, i'll never know. thinking about converting it to a play-land for elinor and ridley... giggling / at brit humor.

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