party with a purpose | az foster kids bag drive


on saturday, my SIL is hosting a party with a purpose and i just had to share about it.

as i have posted before, rachel started her thirty-one gifts business to raise money for their adoption. what a fantastic cause! i am all for buying fabulous and functional items that i not only enjoy, but that benefit people i love. it makes me feel good about adding another purse or organizational item or piece of jewelry to my collection.

but this weekend, rachel is doing something extra special. she is hosting a bag drive to benefit arizona foster kids. if you are in the area on saturday, march 26 at 3pm, you are welcome to drop by her place and shop. but she has also set up an online store so that anybody can get involved.

here's the deal: this party is more than just buying bags and such for ourselves, it was set up so that we can spend a small amount of money to make a big difference in the lives of children in the foster system. many kids end up carrying their things from home to home or to school and back in trash bags. a heartbreaking scene, right? they deserve better. in the very-very-very least, they deserve a little something that they can call their own. a bag that is all theirs. a little something that they can use to collect and carry their possessions, their school supplies, their world. and that's where we come in. thanks to rachel's generous heart, we can provide arizona foster kids with much-needed bags for their belongings. thirty-one gifts has many options that are in the $20 range which is absolutely reasonable. so, it is easy to purchase something for the kids and something for yourself, if you'd like. and since it is a party, there will be fabulous gifts and specials to go along with it! all of the bags purchased for arizona foster kids will be delivered directly to rachel and she will deliver them to a local organization that can distribute them to the kids. so great, right? i love this. so much. here are a few bag examples, just for funsies...

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you can shop online by selecting the AZ FOSTER KIDS BAG DRIVE party on rachel's site. if you want to drop by her place, you are welcome to attend the real-deal-in-person party. and if you have questions about how it all works or just want to chat with rachel, give her a ring! rachel schroeder: 480.286.5586

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