having a miu miu moment

IMG_7373 so i had a bit of a miu miu moment the other day. we are on the cusp of spring and since i switched out my closet last week, a fresh world of wardrobe was opened up to me! i love snatching up a few fun pieces at the end of a season (on crazy sale) and then putting them away for a few months so i can bring them out when i do the seasonal switcheroo. all my oldies but goodies are there alongside a few new treats. i get to have an "oh, i forgot about you, aren't you fabulous!" moment. and it helps me get over the sadness of saying farewell to all the chunky sweaters and wools and flannels... and embrace the shorts and lightweight items and bold colors of spring.

as i have been flipping through the online pages of fashion week, i have been finding such inspiration. as i mentioned before, gucci is killing it right now. and then, there is miu miu. le swoon. the fall line is so great. references to the 80s. lots of denim. brocade. belted everything. high-waisted goodness. wide-leg trousers. trouser shorts. a nod to nerdy. a touch of velvet. and all kinds of chunky baubles. and did i mention all kinds of slippers and slides? my favorite.

so, as i transition from winter to spring (and here in arizona, all too rapidly into summer), i am taking a cue from miu miu and playing with layering up a few of these trends: denim, brocade, belted trouser shorts, and fun slides. i had such fun doing pattern play and piecing with that look up there, so you can expect to see much more of that. it was fun to take items that i have had for a few years and make them feel new by combining them in different ways. you gotta play dress up in everyday... fashion and style should be cheeky and enjoyable, right?

here are a few of my favorites from miu miu's recent runway:


i want ALL THE SHOES and ALL THE JACKETS. i mean, that fur coat???? come on. so amazing. gosh, i am such an old lady at heart. i just want to wear my oversized sunnies and ridiculous shoes and carry an ornate handbag while wearing a massive vintage coat. remind me again why i live in the hottest place ever? i need more excuses to rock a fur coat.

what are some of your favorite looks and inspo right now? do tell.