pops of pink

IMG_6034 IMG_6112

for whatever reason, this week, i found myself donning two looks featuring obnoxious pink. a very strange thing for me. i love a pop of color paired with my neutrals, don't get me wrong. but neon pink! magenta! in one week? it must be all the pollen in the air. 

before i bid adieu to all things winter (spring is officially here in like, 20 days! and arizona is running ahead of schedule so it is time for the seasonal wardrobe switch-out. bring on the shorts and lightweight fabrics. and cue the sweating...), i wanted to take my favorite zigzag hairy jumper and vintage sweater skirt for one final spin. major marian the librarian vibes. 

and then, i decided to rock some office-approriate-rocker-chick with this pencil skirt gone punk look. a heavyweight linen skirt in leopard with a bold neon tissue t-shirt paired with some chunky booties. it's the perfect winter-to-spring transitional look, in my book. it is all sunshine around here, in the AZ. and in a few weeks it will be ALL sandals ALL the time. which reminds me, gotta get those piggies painted. any color suggestions? i need to research what's cool in the world of nail polish colors...

on that note, happy friday! happy weekend! i am ready for some relaxation with my crew, meals with friends, more quilting, family outings, church time, and baking.