happy birthday, ben!

IMG_1371 well hello there, handsome hubs. a very merry birthday to you!

thank you for sharing your life with me. what an honor. and what a ride. i have been able to spend the last, what, fourteen birthdays with you? yikes. that's a bit crazy. and it just keeps getting better. you just keep getting better. it is such a blessing to watch you grow in wisdom. to watch you bend your ear to God, bend your will to God. allowing Him to mold you and use you for His kingdom work.

you are a devoted son. you are a devoted husband. you are a devoted father. you are a devoted worker. you are a devoted friend. in everything you do, you give everything you can. you strive for excellence. you push. you pursue. you love your family well. you make us laugh. and yes, sometimes, roll our eyes.

i love your mischievous smirk. your sparkling eyes. your rad beard. your style. your wit. your dedication. your love of cheese. and bread. and cheese again. you are you. that is truer than true. there is no one alive who is you-er than you.

i love you so. now let's party!