taking stock | december's end | 2015's end

IMG_1340IMG_1341IMG_1342IMG_1336IMG_1345IMG_1344IMG_2529IMG_1346IMG_1343making // plans for the new year. cooking // is taking a backseat to eating out. we are keeping it super simple during the day and either squeezing in some dinners out on the town or making a big pot of something and enjoying it for a few days to follow. 'tis the season. a new month/year will bring new ideas and motivation. drinking // honey lavender almond milk lattes + anandamide smoothies + ambrosial bulletproof coffee with prash + water. water. water. reading // voracious + rosie revere, engineer + spurgeon. wanting // to play games and watch movies and enjoy some sipping chocolate for the next few days. looking // at the twinkling tannenbaum. it will come down soon (still debating whether it stays until after epiphany). but for now, we savor these final moments of holiday magic. playing // classical christmas on pandora + sinatra and crosby christmas records + michael w. smith christmas. the sounds of the season are still going strong. wasting // coffee grounds. any locals in need of some for their garden? come to think of it, i have a new herb box that could use them. cross your green thumbs for me. i want to keep these babies alive...they were a gift from my father-in-law. no pressure, rachel. sewing // some super amazing projects are really, truly happening. the fabrics have been purchased. look out, world! wishing // that i had a universal remote for our universe. enjoying // my sockerbit candy stash and decadent chocolate bars. waiting // for the little ones to wake. liking // playing with new pretty things and curating collections: closet, bedroom, art, and home goods. loving // my new specs and my selfie stick. specs for when i want to unleash my inner nerd (or for days when i want to look polished and makeup just isn't happening). and my selfie stick because it is such a fun new toy! i think it will be a nice break for my instagram husband. love you, ben...mwah! hoping // that i can be a better me in 2016. and by that, i mean, less of me and more of Him. marveling // at ridley's dexterity. he is rocking side planks and grasping and maneuvering. and the eating! yes, we have a solid food eater over here. please send money. we are starting an avocado fund. come to think of it, we should just plant an avocado tree. okay, okay, let's see how the herbs fare. needing // a night out with my man. this weekend, ben! smelling // logs burning. wearing // a half topknot + yet another plaid shirt + striped jeans + colorful sequined flats. noticing // the peculiar feeling of this time of the year. i have talked about it before. the days between christmas and the new year. they are bittersweet. some of my favorite moments with kith and kin. but also, a certain sadness. my friend sarah (and here and here) is living in sweden right now and she texted me the other day about this very thing. she said that she remembered my posting about the week between christmas and the new year and could never find the right sentiment to capture it until, sweden. the swedish language has a word for it! they call the time "mellandagar" which means "between days". and so, i am in the thick of mellandagar, over here. and as an aside: the english language is often lacking when it comes to capturing feelings and ambiance. for example, we have the word "cozy". but scandinavians have the word "hygge" which carries much more weight of meaning. it means the season of well-being and cozy. warmth. glow. being surrounded by loved ones. hearty meals. twinkling lights. illumination. you know, the glorious "feeling" of christmas. love that. knowing // that God is good. thinking // about business-y things. feeling // full. still. bookmarking // travel books and home design inspiration. opening // boxes of goodies...that i get to share with you all very soon! giggling // like crazy with my ever-amusing family.

past post here. and keep your eyes on the blog for the next week or so...i'm talking resolutions and GIVEAWAYS and super fun collabs.