#12DatesofChristmas2015 | number eleven


 ····· on the eleventh date of christmas ·····

annual family brunch and shopping extravaganza

over the weekend, ben so thoughtfully offered to spend the morning at home with the kids so that i could fly solo and meet up with the whole whitehouse crew for the annual brunching and browsing and buying outing. i have missed it for the last couple of years, but this year the event was scheduled on a saturday so, no excuses. and since ben has been busy-busy doing his year-end-financial-dividend-market-stocks-mutual-funds-buy-sell-bull-bear things (please don't ask me what he does. that explanation is about as close as i can get.), he was thrilled to have an opportunity to crash at home and enjoy a quiet morning of playing with the kids and having a coffee date with elinor.

and so, i donned my festive plaid apparel and blasted christmas music in the car...and braved the crowds. all of the glorious hustle and bustle!

once our crew squished into a cozy booth at snooze, we ordered a pancake flight to get things started...so, yeah. it was once of those meals. we lingered over our breakfast feast and once we were feeling full and fine, we got down to the business of shopping.

all my shopping was done, so i was really just along for the ride. but, i did my best to provide stimulating conversation and comic relief. oh, and i might have snagged an extra pair of hanna jams for ridley because they were having a killer sale and i am a sucker for babies in pajamas. and 'tis the season for wearing jams all day long, am i right?

and speaking of jams and  'tis the season...three more sleeps 'til Christmas!