dear little prince | six months

IMG_1217 IMG_1213 IMG_1222 IMG_1210 IMG_1218 dear little prince,

six months, ridley. happy half birthday to you! i can't believe it. you will be demolishing your birthday cake in no time. and speaking of food, that's just about to happen. selfishly, we are holding off until after the holidays. but come january, it is gonna get wild. you are going to love it, i am sure of it. you have been seriously eyeing our food for weeks now. and since your grabbing and smacking skills are superb, you should take to it like a champ. look out, solids!

these days, you are learning so much and growing so much...and i know that life can get frustrating for you. gosh, it must be exhausting! you want to crawl. you want to talk. you want to pull and push. you want to stand up and bounce and walk. the will is strong. and your strong frame is getting it. but patience, dear boy. these things take time. and it will all happen in no time at all.

and then there is the volume level. you have really ratcheted that up. yelling and squawking. squeals of glee and shouts of obstinance. protests. excitement. discovery. delight. you sure like to let us know how you are feeling and what you are thinking. and those expressions. the furrowed brow. the inquisitive brow. the incredulous brow. the smirk. the cheshire smile. the sideways glance. it's getting fun around here. and we love watching your personality shine through. from what we can tell, you are a little gentlemen. you are thoughtful. pensive. you don't suffer fools. you are serious but you love to act goofy and make us laugh. you are particular. opinionated. you are a homebody, for sure. but you also enjoy a nice outing in the sling.

and p.s. i know your teeth are working their way up and out. sorry about all that. teeth can be the worst. BUT, you will be thankful for all this drool and fuss when you can chomp away on all kinds of delicious bits. hang in there, bud.

you love your sleep. you love your sister. you love to rock back and forth on your hands and knees and launch yourself forward. you like to "pet" the dogs. you like to gnaw on EVERYTHING. your current favorite is when we plop you on your belly on the wood floor so you can slip and slide and turn yourself in circles. you smile all the time. you have a major kickfest when we change your diaper. and you love to dance with mama.

you are a delight. we are pretty obsessed with you.

all our love,

mama + papa + elinor

there are a few more pics of our little prince, after the jump. 

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