IMG_1108 IMG_1075 IMG_1051 IMG_1045 IMG_1992 IMG_8991 IMG_1877IMG_0855 and now, i bring you a fun little series called #madameswankyvêtements! quick snaps of what i am wearing, mostly to feature fun flats...and to give myself some motivation to fancy things up on an everyday basis. it is easy to just put on what is easy or wear my comfy stuff over and over but occasionally documenting my outfit of the day (#ootd) motivates me to mix it up.

i will share my style inspiration and even some tips from time to time. pattern play. accessorizing. philosophy. et cetera. nothing too fussy. just my favorite ways to make an outfit feel frou frou without a ton of time or effort. (hint: for me, it usually involves adding a splashy flat or chunky necklace or bright lipstick)

i am by no means a "fashion blogger" but i do have a major crush on all things fashion. and i love to play dress up. so, while i am no professional, i do have a point of view on the matter and an idea or two that might help you get out of a rut or have more fun with your wardrobe. i like that you can curate your closet over time and build your own personal style. something that makes you feel like you and feel put together no matter what the day holds. your style can very quickly give people a glimpse into your life. how you see yourself. how you want to be treated. it sets a tone. it paints a picture. it informs perception.

my personal style? it is pretty much j.crew everything (if you couldn't tell). it suits my life. a mix of practical stuff for playtime + polished items for work + playful pieces for special occasions. i love jeans with slouchy graphic t-shirts. i love a fabulous sweater. i am a sucker for plaid. i love an obnoxious statement necklace. i love unexpected and quirky combinations. and shoes. oh, shoes. these days, flats are my friend but that doesn't mean i have to sacrifice fabulousness! the brighter and bolder and sparklier the better! #shinyponies all the way.

stay tuned. i am going to do my part to put the "swanky" in swanky & dapper. and i might get elinor in on the party too. because, what a delight to play dress up with your daughter. my mum did it with me. and i hope that elinor can enjoy all of this too... being a girl should be fun!

if you have any questions or requests or opinions about what i feature, drop me a line. and as always, head to instagram for my insta-outfits (hashtag #madameswankyvêtementsi will take what i wear over there and post collections over here, along with all the deets.