#12DatesofChristmas2015 | number seven

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 ····· on the seventh date of christmas ·····

snowfall + a visit to santa + pizza

on saturday, after sawyer's birthday party, we hopped back in the sleigh (well, wagon) and made our way to kierland commons for what is becoming a bit of a tradition: watching the faux snow fall in the shopping center square. we don't exactly live in a small town with a quaint town square complete with a freshly chopped tree. nope. around here, we head to our outdoor shopping center to enjoy the twinkling lights on the palm trees and the faux snow being blown over the crowd gathered around the perfectly appointed fake tree. hey, that's christmas in the desert, my friends. and we are absolutely okay with it.

last year, elinor really enjoyed the lights on the tree BUT the snow kind of weirded her out. well, this year...this year was the year. she was delighted by the snow. faux and all. (although, she did keep brushing it out of her hair and letting us know that she needed to take a shower...funny girl.)

elinor ran around with some kids. ridley and i boogied away to the festive jazz band tunes. and we all laughed at our cheerful elinor when the snow fell. we got to wear our sweaters and jackets and everything...but the bonus of faux snow is no bundling up in mega-coats! you get to enjoy the flakes with just a long-sleeved shirt and one more layer. so, that's nice. at some point, we will definitely take her up north for a legit snow day. but this isn't too shabby for an easy-breezy saturday afternoon jaunt.

oh yes, and there is the matter of santa claus. elinor paid him a visit. she was so polite and precious. as he lifted her up onto his lap, she wished him merry christmas in the tenderest voice. very cindy lou who. he asked her what she wanted and she whispered that she wanted a shirt and a book. he laughed and tried to cajole her. but she was content. pretty sure my eyes were glistening at this point. she thanked him for the cookie that he gave her and let him know that she would leave some treats from him on christmas eve. and with a big hug, she departed. it was a moment i will never forget. we didn't splurge on the picture package...we just observed and let it unfold. and oh my goodness. i am so glad that i was able to witness her tender heart. her grateful heart. her sweet spirit.

(mama dries her eyes and resumes typing)

after the snow party and santa, we grabbed an al fresco table at a pizza joint conveniently located next to the tree for primo viewing. ridley nibbled away on his teething toys. (p.s. he was really eyeing our bread. and i had to stop myself from involuntarily breaking off a piece and handing it to him. silly mama. we are almost to solids, almost. i have a feeling he will take to it just fine seeing as he follows food with his steely gaze and tries to snatch morsels from my hand. sheesh.) elinor and neena took a quick stroll to a nearby shop. my mum, always the thoughtful lady, showed elinor some of the trinkets for sale and agreed to buy a little something for the little miss. well, instead of selecting a stuffed animal or some other kind of child-friendly toy, elinor chose a "special big cup with an E for Elinor". so she could have coffee in it, but of course. she's clearly her papa's daughter. pragmatic with a dash of fancy. and i wouldn't have it any other way. and you should have seen her prancing out of the store with her shopping bag slung over her shoulder. so happy. so proud. (and she has been drinking her tablespoon of coffee with frothy almond milk each morning since)

okay, where were we. ah, yes. pizza.

when there were a few slices left to be consumed, the clock struck 7pm which meant, snowfall again. the hoopla started up and elinor FREAKED OUT. she practically leapt from her seat as she announced, "OH! the snow! it's snowing again! come on...it's almost over!" it was hilarious. and being a wonderful grandpa, booboo hurried to gobble up a few final bites of pizza before whisking elinor away to see the snow. again. AGAIN. snowfall, AGAIN! elinor couldn't believe it. she could barely contain her joy. meanwhile, we were busting up and our hearts were bursting. there's nothing better than experiencing this season with a child. they just, get it. they do it right. they don't have to try to be festive or do things to get into the spirit of the season. they are the definition of effervescing. they exude childlike wonder and delight. may i have this childlike faith. may i approach the advent season with the same honest sense of wonder and delight. may i revel in the simple pleasures of this brilliant season.