#12DatesofChristmas2015 | number six


 ····· on the sixth date of christmas ·····

watching love actually and splitting a pint of seasonal ice cream

one of my favorite nights of the season is our annual date night on the couch watching love actually. we have been watching this christmas "classic" for the last, gosh, eight years? i love the quirky and real portrayals of relationships. friendships. hardships. marriages. first loves. dating. et cetera. a dash of irreverent brit humor with lots of heart. i am always tearing up by the end. and sometimes, even in the first few moments.

it isn't exactly a family-friendly flick, but that just gives the adults around here a nice excuse to curl up with a pint of festive ice cream after the little ones (plural. look at us adult-ing with our two kids.) are tucked in for the night. we light candles, grab our slippers and fuzzy blankets, dive into our bowls of peppermint goodness, and bob's your uncle!

this tradition serves as a bit of an unofficial start to the christmas season. we usually watch it around the five-weeks-until-Christmas mark because that is precisely when the movie is set...so, you gotta.

thanks for loving me so well, husband of mine. and thank you for making date nights a priority. it's an honor and delight to do this life with you. xo & happy christmas.