IMG_1052 here we are. less than a month out from christmas. i know i sound like a broken christmas record but, seriously. crazy, right? slow down, holiday season. i want to do this right...

for those long-time readers, you have probably heard of our 12 Dates of Christmas tradition. we even have an entire category dedicated to it on the blog along with a fancy-schmancy hashtag for social media purposes: #12datesofchristmas2015

we started the season a tad early just to make sure there were lots of open days on the calendar for celebration AND i will remind you that the christmas season doesn't officially end until epiphany so we should have plenty of time to make merry. here's what we have been up to so far...

 ····· on the first date of christmas ·····

attending the GLORIA concert at church

····· on the second date of christmas ·····

a festive family dinner at the farm

····· on the third date of christmas ·····

 sipping eggnog lattes and spinning bing crosby while we deck the halls and ben bakes beautiful boules

····· on the fourth date of christmas ·····

family movie night with popcorn

····· on the fifth date of christmas ·····

savoring crispy cookies + singing christmas carols

see? lots of festivities thus far. a perfect mix of family outings and relaxing home time and legit date nights sans little ones. i like a nice mix. i am all for a date-night-out and some hustle-and-bustle but sometimes, it is even sweeter to simply curl up as a couple and share a pint of ice cream or a bowl of popcorn while watching our favorite movies or playing a game. we crave and cherish these "down" moments.

here’s what we have lined up for the remainder of the season, in case you are interested...

watching love actually with some seasonal ice cream

present wrapping party while nibbling and noshing

annual cheese night

double date night at citizen public house

burger and shakes date...perhaps with a real-deal-movie-in-a-theater added in

cocoa and christmas movies with family

annual holiday party with friends

we will be "live gramming" all this goodness with the #12datesofchristmas2015 hashtag over on instagram. buuuut, i will of course share the fun on the blog, after the fact.

"fahoo fores, dahoo dores, welcome christmas, come this way!"