squares of life

left / morning essentials. one of my favorite daily reads + almond milk latte with clouds of foam.

right / when your man dances to christmas music and your boy falls to sleep in his arms.

left / she is exhausting but she is the very best. witty and wild and funny and sweet. and ridiculously smart. and beautiful. being her mama is a daily challenge and honor and delight.

right / chilly and overcast days have me craving some rich yumminess. sprouted whole grain fettuccine smothered in a hearty sauce of puréed roasted pumpkin + sweet potato + kabocha squash with lots of sage and warming spices. topped with chopped pepitas.

left / sharing elinor's beloved "snuggles" during morning playtime. watching these two together brings such joy to my day.

right / mama & daughter ensembles.

left / all this seasonal running has been so good for my brain and spirit. my pace has been improving with every day and it finally got back to where i was before ridley. so, that gives me more time to get more miles in. and then, some quick yoga to make my hips feel happy plus some hamstring rolling because they are all kinds of tight. hurts so good.

right / reminders of God's overflowing goodness and refreshment have been plentiful. amidst the storm clouds and tumult of this life, He rains down grace and mercy. He shows us signs for good - the kindness of strangers, the beauty of the arts, the laughter of a child, the generosity of friends, the love of family. life's precious rainbows, His tender promises to us.

left / ending a delightfully restorative day with a family movie night. with prodigious bowls of popcorn.

right / coordinating our clothes. striped pants and pops of green. also, topknots. two for her and one for me.

left / reading time before ridley's afternoon nap.

right / more soup for supper. and i couldn't be more pleased about it. mirepoix + roasted tomatoes + sweet potatoes + chipotles all wazzed up then stirred together with a trio of white beans. finished with a drizzle of evoo and a dollop of cultured cream.

left / matchy-matchy chaussures.

right / blank pages just waiting for lists and checkboxes and schedules and plans. it's getting serious, over here.

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