elinor's birthday bash

IMG_1917IMG_1919IMG_1918IMG_1922 the birthday mademoiselle. looking far too grown up. making me feel all the feelings. we had such a delightful day with her. and i think she enjoyed her special day immensely. she ate her favorite foods. she opened SO MANY gifts. she played with papa all the live-long-day. and then, the pièce de résistance: a full-blown bash with our family.

elinor asked to wear "mama's fancy dress" for her celebration and i was pleased as punch. it's an ensemble that my dad brought home from a european business trip when i was about elinor's age and i have been waiting and waiting for her to be able to wear it. and the day finally arrived. a vintage french frock for her birthday fête. c'est si bon, non?

IMG_1908 IMG_1910 IMG_1911

the morning started with breakfast scones and then moved to presents. we had a few items to give elinor, just us. new clothes and shoes and a pretty book of illustrated nursery rhymes. it was a joy to watch her open presents. such unadulterated surprise and delight and gratitude. she modeled her clothes and gave the biggest hugs and then, we enjoyed some reading time together while ben got down to birthday business in the kitchen. elinor requested cookies. and papa obliged.

IMG_1907 IMG_1904_2

the menu for her fête was all about french fabulousness: croissants + palmiers + cheese and crackers + decaf french roast + macarons + "farkling" water, as elinor calls sparkling water. we added in an assortment of nuts and other snackage, for good measure.

elinor's 3rd bday feteIMG_1916IMG_1924IMG_1925

with the family gathered, we nibbled and noshed and sipped while the little ones played together. elinor blew out the candles after we sang. (i asked E if she wanted to eat the cookies first or open gifts THEN come back for cookies and she very wisely chose the latter. smart cookie.) and then, present time. we have such generous and thoughtful family members. everyone selected perfect presents for elinor. there were themes and experiences to share and even lessons to accompany most of the items.


she received a doctor kit and handmade doctor coat from neena + a golf set PLUS lessons from booboo + a date to see charlie brown from neena and booboo + a cinderella DVD and play household cleaning set from aunt bree, uncle paul, and baby sawyer + art supplies and a portfolio PLUS art lessons from mommom + old school silver dollars from poppop + fabulous crayon pencils from aunt katie + dot art paint and a fresh coloring book from aunt rachel + a lego duplo set from uncle nathan + a handmade baby doll and accessories from nonnie adele + more clothes from mama because, a little lady can't have too many outfits + her very own, 1/32 sized violin from papa...and yes, with lessons to accompany it. seriously, it made my heart swell seeing her open all these sweet treasures. she is so loved and blessed. and each gift had so much kindness and heart behind it.

whew. that's a lot of new things. she has so many incredible toys to play with and so many incredible experiences to look forward to. this is going to be a busy season of fun and learning for her. i can't wait...

happy birthday, peanut. we love you to the moon and back.

xo, all of us