ice cream cones for breakfast

IMG_1734 IMG_1733 the other morning, while i was feeding ridley and elinor was waiting for breakfast, she asked me to tie her apron on so that she could make some food for us. apparently, waiting for baby brother to finish eating so that we could eat was just too much on this particular day. some days are just like that, i suppose.

with apron fastened, she then inquired, "mama, what's your favorite?" so sweet of her to care about my preferences. i listed a few things that i like to eat for breakfast and then she wanted to know what i would like for her to make. i told her to surprise me.

well, much to my surprise and delight, she returned from her playroom kitchen a few moments later with two ice cream cones! delicious. she had taken two pieces from her musical spinning gears thingie and topped these "cones" with two halves from her wooden fruit collection. ice cream scoops, naturally. i almost bought her a play ice cream shop a few weeks ago but, who needs all that when you have plenty of random toy resources at your disposal? and plenty of imagination.

she clinked cones with me and shouted, "cheers!" before digging in.


it was the best ice cream i have ever had. and what a delight to see how her mind works. i love her creativity. that she sees the potential for fabulous in mundane things. that she likes to repurpose things. that she sees shapes and form in a unique way. and that she matched the cone color to the scoop color too. very OCD, little girl. love it.

and after taking a bite/lick, she looked at me with those fierce eyes of hers, cocked her head a tad and said, "it is good, mama. i like to have ice cream with you."

i am so grateful for her joy and effervescence and kindness. it is especially sweet during these sometimes trying days of three-year-old-ness. there are some tough moments, that's for sure. wild emotions and lack of self-control and outbursts and attitude and outright defiance. and then there are these times. imaginary ice cream cones with my little girl. this is the sugar to balance out her spice.

yes elinor, it is good. and i like having ice cream with you too.