rapidfire ridley

IMG_1714 IMG_1715 IMG_1716 IMG_1721 IMG_1720 IMG_1719 IMG_1718 i thought everybody could use a hearty dose of this adorable little man. i snapped a bunch of quick pics of him the other morning and wanted to share. if only i could wake up looking this chipper and smiley and joyful, without fail. what a delight to get to wake up to his happy and giggly face.

every morning, when i go into his room to wake him for the day, i flip on the light and ridley begins to stir. i quietly walk to his crib and greet him with a quiet and quick rendition of, "good morning" (from singing in the rain). he looks right at me and gives me the most cheerful grin before exploding into his happy punching and kicking dance, as if to say, "okay, get me out of this swaddle thing, mama! i am so happy to see you and it is time to party!" every single morning. it is just the best. he is such a charming lad. and ever since we shifted elinor and ridley to the same sleep schedule, i wake her first and she gets to accompany me to wake baby brother. it is such fun. she dances and then climbs the side of his crib to rub his head while i unwrap him. and ben does the baby-waking on the weekends, because he wants to get in on it too. i mean, who wouldn't?

and, look! clothing. hurray for cooler temps and baby jumpsuits and footie pajamas. it's the most wonderful time of the year... 

on that note, did you know that it is 76 days until christmas? get fired up! elinor is already talking about the tree and santa and baby jesus and what she wants to buy for her brother. so sweet.

and now, off to wrap up some work projects and then settle into a wonderful weekend of outdoor autumnal activities and rearranging the house (the change of seasons gets me every darn time) and cooking and playing and disney movie watching with my little crew. happy friday!