squares of life

left / well hello there, soup season. my fantastic man made a vat of chili for us; and the reason was threefold: 1) we were just given a few pounds of roasted hatch chiles and had been looking for fun ways to use them, 2) ben was out of town for a few days so heat-and-serve dinners were my best friend, and 3) soup with crusty bread is one of my favorite ways to a day. this chili was loaded with mirepoix + sweet potatoes + garlic + hatch chiles + corn + cannellini beans + navy beans + great northern beans + dark meat turkey + chicken sausage. and a bunch of herbs and spices.

right / bitty gourds on our lunch stop. pretty darn darling, if you ask me. hey gourd-geous.

left / deep, rich, french press. the cup's half full. (that was for you, dad)

right / fluffy clouds. a sapphire sky. a starburst of palm.

left / popcorn snackage.

right / more gourds. 'tis the season.

left / cuddle buddies.

right / elinor made herself at home on the squishiest and most child-un-friendly couch in all of restoration hardware. she had to curl up because it was "so com-fa-fy, mama".

right / cloudy. balmy. palmy.

right / finding beauty in the messes.