happy labor day weekend!

IMG_1569 IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1573 just a few odds and ends from this splendid holiday weekend. it has been so perfect so far. seriously. the weather and light are beginning their transition to autumn which makes things feel all kinds of fabulous. the wardrobe gets switched out in a little over a week...and i hope that officially signals the seasonal shift. friday night was spent around the house, listening to records while i did some redecorating and tidying and replacing of plants. RIP, fiddle leaf fern. we had a nice 11 month run. root rot, man.

i started my saturday with an extra long run and then some coffee and family time to start the day. we did our weekly market run and then i took off for a couple of hours to attend a house warming slash thirty-one party at my SILs place. after we wrapped things up, ben met me with the kiddos for some afternoon outings. errands along with some gallery strolling. and elinor was a patron of quite a few potties along the way. bravo, little miss. we even managed to keep her from (embarrassingly and oh-so-uncouthly) announcing her achievements to all the gallery wanderers and staff! soooo parental high-fives and pats on the back for us.

there has already been plenty of yummy food cooked and baked and consumed...and good times with family and friends...and there is still so much more to come! wahoo for a long weekend. time to relax and putter and work and play. time to listen to music and laugh and dance and meander outdoors. time to recharge. it's the very best.

happy labor day, friends! talk to you soon...

p.s. that blue door up there. killer right? i am having major front door envy. i spotted it on our gallery walk and had to stop and snap it.