hands on.

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elinor has this compulsion to have her hands on ridley whenever they are in the same room. like a moth to a flame. she holds his face in her hands. she rubs his back. she holds his hand. and i have to keep telling myself to just let her do it. i am watchful, for sure. but, i try to stay out of it when they are interacting. she just loves him so and she wants to express her affection through bold hugs and tight squeezes and squishy kisses and hearty pats on the belly. and he LOVES every second of it. and just when i think she is being a bit "much" ridley lets out the biggest happy squawk and grins the drooliest, toothless grin.

he'll be a resilient one, that's for sure. able to withstand all kinds of treatment. and boy oh boy, he will know what it means to be loved fiercely.