taking stock | august's end

IMG_1542making // silly faces at my little man. cooking // all kinds of sauces. pretending it is autumn... drinking // ice water + bulletproof coffee + kvass + port. reading // voracious + marketing copy + fall catalogues. wanting // all the things in the fall catalogues. looking // forward to fun september plans. playing // with my little man's feet. wasting // toilet paper. hashtag potty training. sewing // i've got nothing. but my mum is rocking it in this department soooo... wishing // that ridley would stay little forever. okay, not really. but kinda. enjoying // 5am runs. waiting // for elinor to go potty. again. times a million. liking // all the lightening and wind and raindrops we've been getting. loving // my man's silly jokes. hoping // our electric bill isn't outrageous. marveling // at God's lovingkindness. needing // to plan a trip to see some snow this winter. smelling // my favorite blend of spruce + ho wood + frankincense + blue tansy. wearing // lulu lemon yoga pants and my hubby's old shirt. noticing // that ridley's hair is turning blonde. knowing // that i need a savior. thinking // so darn much. about so many topics. feeling // happy and eager. bookmarking // preschool resources. opening // j.crew packages filled with fresh dress shirts and ties for ben. giggling // at elinor. just, everything she does.

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