how does she do it

IMG_1534IMG_1535well, hello there!

today, i am honored to be featured on johanna's blog for her "how does she do it" series.

johanna reached out a few weeks ago and asked me to jot down my thoughts on balancing-juggling-hat-wearing. you know, life. and for the record, let me just say that i do not have it all figured out. but i think that is kind of the point of this series. featuring a variety of mamas and styles and professions and backgrounds. sharing wisdom and experiences. knowing that we all do it differently and that is okay.

and hey, maybe a little something will resonate or encourage you or inspire you. maybe there is something in our story that will add to your story in a meaningful way. i hope so.

thanks for having me, johanna! thank you for sharing all these stories. love it. xo

you can read the post here