when the pizza place hands you a 1.5 hour wait, you make for the burger joint next door

IMG_1492 on saturday night, we had big plans to meet up with friends to grab some pizza at pomo in gilbert.

but when it is the hottest day ever and the hostess asks "inside or out" and then replies to your "um, inside" with an "okay, we are looking at about an hour and a half..." all casual-like, like that type of wait is something normal or acceptable and then you look at your little family comprised of two hungry and thirsty parents who just want to sit and enjoy a tasty meal plus a two month old who isn't a fan of being warm and uncomfortable and who will need to eat in the next hour plus an almost three year old who pretty much pulled an all-nighter at neena and booboo's house the night before and is attempting to run on an unprecedented four hours of sleep and who will need some kind of food to placate her and keep things acceptable during a dinner out with friends who do not yet have children and could very well be forming their opinions of children and family based on the behavior of your children at this very dinner, well...you bail on the pizza plans and head next-door for burgers.

five minute wait. we can swing that.

IMG_1495 IMG_1496

it ended up being a delightful meal. fries and burgers and water after water after water. i considered a shake but something about all that dairy when it is hot and sticky outside...ick. and we even got to open a darling gift for our little man. it is a good deal indeed when you get to eat burgers and fries and you get presents. elinor was agog. and we felt super spoiled.

and, bonus! the little ones behaved well. elinor was sweet and entertaining. and we only had one squawk from the little man, when i attempted to feed him at the table under his breastfeeding cloak of invisibility. we were both pretty warm. so, i took that party outside, hoping for some moving air. but no such luck. just stifling. and then, we ended up in the bathroom. it was not my favorite moment but at least it was cool and i could get him to settle in and eat without the bustle of a restaurant and all the distractions of our table.

all in all, a pretty solid evening.

IMG_1493 IMG_1494