an all over the place post

left / this super sassy face. glad we have another one around here...

right / a perched elinor.

left / breakfast at uprooted kitchen.

right / playtime with elinor. a delightful mix of wild imagination and currency inspection.

left / this super handsome chap. cheeky and flirty and all things awesome.

right / brunch inspired dinner. superseed crisps topped with cultured grassfed neufchâtel cheese + salmon gravlax + onion + capers + lemon + pepper. now, pass the mimosa.

left / me and my little nuggets, making faces.

right / elinor and i laughing at baby brother because he just let out the loudest "toot sound". i have a feeling we will be laughing at his boyish sounds for many years to come... #boysaregross

left / recent reads. these are a few of our current favorites in the little one literature department.

right / little miss contemplative.

life is good. we are feeling the anticipation of fall. the days are getting shorter and the sleeping stretches for our little man are longer. for the last two weeks, ridley has been sleeping through the night in a solid 8 hour stretch. he has been going down at 8:30pm and going until 6:30am and i have been waking him at 10:30pm for a quick feeding just to top him off. buuuuut, for the last few nights, he has been fighting me at that final feeding. way sleepy and grumpy that i am trying to feed him extra food. tough life. so, even though it should be a few more weeks until we drop that feeding, much like his sister, he seems ready for it now. you won't see this mama putting up a fight. YES TO 10 HOURS OF SLEEP!

oh little man, you are truly all things dreamy. and i am so proud of us. it takes work and consistency but man-oh-man-oh-man, it is all worth it. remind me to write an entire post on that stuff...

it feels so good to move into this next phase of babyhood with our little boy. i remember this phase with elinor. crazy that we are there. next stop, shifting the schedule to 7:30pm - 7:30am. that will give us two kiddos on the same schedule. awesome sauce. cue the nighttime popcorn popping and bubbly pouring! these parents will be living the good life. i mean, we are already living the good life. but, that will be the extra good life. i suppose you could say that we are living the popcorn and riesling life right now. but soon, soon we will be popcorn and champagne status. fill those coupes! clink.

and then, next i joke, i joke. but truly, there are days that feel that way. time can be crazy like that.


and speaking of good life...would you look at some of the food that has been happening around these parts? yumtastic, i tell you. ben has been baking his killer bread and we have been fashioning it into all kinds of tasty sandwiches. i have been enjoying big bowls of sautéed veg for lunch. and the dinner bowls have been piled high with some flavorful plant-based creations. we are making the most of summertime flavors and seasonal ingredients. but for the record, we are absolutely ready for some autumnal goodness...

IMG_1432 IMG_1434 IMG_1437

and speaking of autumn, i am so excited for the cooler weather to come so i can lace up and hit the pavement without sweating to death. i have been doing some weekend runs and it is a mess. i think i leave a full gallon of water in my shirt. and my face a red for a solid hour afterwards...which then settles into a charming pink-cheeked look from the sun exposure. i suppose a little bit of that can't hurt. and it is nice to have a bit of color on this lily-white skin of mine. and i know that vitamin D is healthy for my postpartum self but i am beyond excited for the invigorating brisk air of october. that's the stuff.

p.s. i am thinking about doing a complete postpartum life/health/fitness/food/balance post in the coming weeks. for those of you who have asked about all that, and for those of you who are just interested in knowing the ins-and-outs of my daily life. hurray for oversharing! but seriously, i think it makes sense to dive into some of that here. we are in this together, right? i might even share some of my favorite ladies and their rockstar pregnancies and inspirational postpartum health stories. i am a sucker for that stuff...

are you sick of this rambling, down the rabbit hole of a post yet? i hear ya.

(the end)