our little monsieur

IMG_1424IMG_1441 this petite prince. 7 weeks old.

he's all kinds of swoon-worthy. he has the best serious face and the most joyful smile. he has a strong neck and loves to swat at toys and kick like crazy, preferably one leg at a time. he eats like a champ and charms us with his hearty burps and rowdy pooping sounds. he nuzzles after he nurses. he has delicious leg rolls and arms rolls that mama has to clean daily to keep that milk stink at bay. he only fusses when he is sleepy and trying to let us know that he is done playing and interacting and is ready to settle into sleep. his cries are few and far between, so happy and content. he loves his papa's voice and he is delighted by his big sister. he enjoys calm and structure and routine. he flirts with me and coos like a little dove. he likes when i sing edelweiss while i swaddle him up. he has officially "fait ses nuits", as the french say, and is happy as a lark in the morning after a good, solid sleep. he has the best repertoire of expressions. he roars at his lion toy and squeaks and howls and squawks and makes delightful hoo-hoo sounds. he likes to splash in the bath and chirp during diaper changes. he's not sure about wearing clothes but he totally rocks them when he does. 3-6mo clothes, that is.

he's the stuff dreams are made of.