oh joy! a super cute freshly picked collab.


our kind creative genius generous totally rad to the bone friends at freshly picked sent us the sweetest pair of moccs for elinor to add to her collection. just call her the imelda marcos of moccs...

they are the brand new oh joy! design collab and as you can see, they are really something fab. just when you think freshly picked couldn't get any better... susan goes and pairs up (pun intended) with the ever so delightful joy cho to create some very special chaussures. now, if only i could get a pair of these in my size... seriously.

how pretty are these moccs? oh my goodness. we are beyond obsessed. if you see elinor in the next few months, these will most likely be on her feet. she is going to be rocking these until her toes bust out the front and we have to move to the next size. at which point, i'm sure there will be some equally amazing collaboration that we will be itching to get our fingers (toes) on.

i love that freshly picked creates the very best in everyday footwear, in basic colors and fabulous neutrals. but i especially love that they create extra special designs that elevate everyday to extraordinary. it is such fun to snag a limited edition pair for special occasions. like, birthdays or christmas, etc. but, it is also WAY cool to be sent a perfect pair of amazingness for miss elinor, just because. no particular reason other than they are adorable and freshly picked felt like it. yes to that.


aren't they just the happiest shoes? they certainly make us happy and elinor is so excited to wear her "fancy shoes" all. the. time. she wants them on her feet when she is playing around the house in just a diaper and when we go outside on a walk and when we are getting dressed up to go out somewhere. she even asked is she could wear them to splash in the pool. hmmm...that's an idea, freshly picked, water shoes...

we are pretty obsessed over here. FP moccs are the only shoes that elinor has ever worn. and i am betting that the same will be true for ridley. they are simply the best. a snug but roomy fit for active little ones and growing feet. i like the idea of spending a bit more to get amazing quality and shoes that can grow along with little feet. PLUS, they are so well made and easy to clean, that i can keep them around and pass them down. and the unisex neutral options make it easy to share from girl to boy and boy to girl. that's a very cool thing. we will definitely get ridley his very own fresh moccs but he will also be rocking some of sister's hand-me-downs. and those are some fab hand-me-downs.

i have big plans to snag some bitty moccs for ridley in the next few months so that his feet can be covered and cute in the cooler months. AND i will be getting elinor matching colors. how cute will that be? i am thinking these and these and quite possibly these. aren't those just the bestest for fall? can't wait.

but until then, elinor will be happy as a clam to wear her FP x Oh Joy moccs. and as you can see below, she is super stoked and sassy about it.

IMG_1428 IMG_1431

okay, okay...and now for the very best part. a giveaway with freshly picked! i am always so honored and delighted to partner with FP to bring you all this freebie goodness. get fired up! and come back here this time next week for all the deets. wahoo!