taking stock | july's end

IMG_1405IMG_1406IMG_1407 making // memories as a family. cooking // piles of veggies and beans and rice. but mostly, trying to not use the oven/stove because it is too hot for all that. drinking // tulsi tea + green kombucha + beet juice + sparkling water with lime. reading // pretty much every babylit book in print. wanting // it to be october already. my longing for fall is hitting pretty hard, these days. looking // at my planner. playing // peekaboo. wasting // hair ties. elinor is all about the ponytail and i can't keep enough hair ties on hand. where do those little guys go? i'm sure they are off having a party with all the missing socks from the dryer... sewing // talk to me in 18 years... wishing // for more hours in the day. enjoying // my early morning quiet time. waiting // on an email. liking // sparkly shoes for fall. loving // the relationship that is developing between E and R. she loves him and he is obsessed with her. he smiles at her constantly and talks to her and practically flips from his back to belly to get closer to her. they are already scheming and in cahoots... and it is the cutest. but man, we are going to be in big trouble. hoping // for a date night in the coming weeks. marveling // at how quickly ridley is growing. five pounds in five weeks. sheesh. busy boy. and ben is setting up an investment fund just for his future food. yikes. needing // to figure out what to do with my hair. i want a change. something fun. but i just can't commit. smelling // petrichor. wearing // shorts + my button up denim shirt + birks + baseball hat. noticing // that daylight is lessening. knowing // more about ridley each day. thinking // that we need a little trip to the coast. feeling // settled and content. bookmarking // school catalogues + my bible study + the land of nod catalogue. opening // an email. giggling // at elinor's dance moves.

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