the cousins

IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1380 on sunday, the crew met up at my folks' place for some birthday celebrating (yay for birthdays!). we enjoyed a home-recreation of the best of the menu at true foods kitchen, thanks to my sister and mom (GREAT idea, gals). but mostly, we watched the little ones do their thing. the three of them are in such different stages but they are also pretty close in age. so while there are things that one can do that the others cannot, there are also some great opportunities for them to interact and play. i know that the gap will close as time passes and then it will get REALLY fun.

if these shots are any indication, we are going to have quite a party on our hands. sawyer being cute and playful and kicking and gleefully squawking. ridley chilling and sporting a serious look of concern (he's in trouble with those two girls and he knows it). and elinor giving us all kinds of mischief-face while trying to wrap her arms around the other two and control the situation. such a ring master.

oh man, welcome to the circus. the grown-ups are in for some fun and major high jinks.