IMG_1113 i have been stepping up my egg game to get baby boy some extra protein fuel for his absurd growth spurt...and this was a tasty way to do so. a little breakfast for dinner is always a good idea. sweet potato + onion + garlic hash with barbecue seitan crumbles topped with two runny farm fresh eggs.


a weekend morning quiet time to relax with some tea and a book and some music. savoring these simple moments of rejuvenation with my man...and that little man inside that bump.



a dinner date with a dear friend and her darling family. burgers and fries and shakes were consumed. stories were shared. we giggled at our silly little ones. we talked about future get-togethers. and we admired kate's new fancy-schmancy mama mobile. and would you look at her rocking the platinum and the minivan? what a gal. not pictured: elinor sitting next to baby roman helping to feed him a bottle. practice makes perfect! it is fun to do parenthood and life with wonderful people there to love and encourage you.