a little bit of saturday

IMG_1053 this impromptu excursion to the farmers market brought to you by unseasonably glorious end-of-may-just-about-june weather. no joke, it was such a perfect morning. cool and breezy and sunny. not at all what i expect this late in the game. and so, before we tackled our to-do list and went about our day, we decided to wake elinor a tad earlier than her normal with the wonderful news of "we are going to the market and getting food". amazing how quickly she popped out of bed...

off to gilbert farmers market for not only the best in local produce but some killer cold brew coffee and our very favorite food truck, uprooted kitchen (yes, again. yes, i am obsessed. and yes, the make breakfast...and it is crazy delish).

we grabbed some tasty iced coffee and strolled the grounds a bit. meeting puppies and bumping into familiar faces and ordering up ALL THE BREAKFAST.

we opted for two bowls filled with a kale salad with crisped sweet potato coins, as a base for the star of the dish: a fresh tempeh breakfast sandwich with avocado and arugula and caramelized onions on a house-baked (truck-baked?) gluten-free naan bun. aaaaaand we also grabbed some dessert because when it is gluten free and vegan, it means it is healthy and so, you go for it.

oh, and because it was the three-year anniversary for uprooted kitchen at the gilbert market (and also because elinor is irresistible and we get the hook-up because of her), we were each given mini peach thumbprint cookies (tiny and even cuter versions of the amazing ones we had at our wednesday night dinner, seen here) to nibble on while we waited for the food. so, that was not too shabby.

IMG_1052 IMG_1051

see what i mean about elinor and her irresistibleness? her teeny topknot and those perfectly placed sunnies. she knows how to work it...


and there's the aforementioned tasty bowl of goodness. it was so good. in fact, i could really go for another one of those right about now...


and after we had our fill of the market, we polished off the morning with final sips of coffee and my best friend, the trail mix cookie. nuts and seeds and almond butter and cacao nibs and chocolate. gosh, it is good. and since this was my second one this week (i won't apologize) i am thinking i might need to start buying these babies in bulk. you never know when you will *need* one...

hurray for saturday. and hurray for a long weekend. happy memorial day, friends!