mother's day moments

IMG_0982 IMG_0985 what a splendid day. celebratory and sweet. i felt so full in all the right ways by the time the evening came around.

we started the day at our usual, early time. mostly because i am a sucker for routine and constancy and my body just does that now. but also because i love my early morning hours of quiet and rest and reading and chatting with my man and music and coffee. they feel like stolen, bonus hours before the day begins. and on sunday, elinor slept in for an extra 30 minutes (ben did a fine job training her on that...what a sweet gift for mama) so everything felt extra slow and leisurely.

at a few minutes after 8:00, ben collected elinor from her bed and the two of them OH SO PROUDLY presented me with gifts. and did they knock it out of the park. wowee. elinor handed me the sweetest card with her lovely calligraphy gracing the envelope. and that envelope was filled with such kind sentiments. generous words that made my heart swell and made me feel honored and undeserving and blessed. God has been far too good to me. and then, elinor proudly handed me the cutest potted plant. and not just any potted is the one kind of plant that i have managed to not just not kill, but to help flourish! i bought one like it almost a year ago and it is still alive AND actually thriving! it makes me proud and i cherish that little guy because i am lousy with houseplants (really, all green things). ben took a trip with elinor to buy something pretty for me and while he was busy pointing out all the delicate orchids and such, MY GIRL selected a kill-proof plant for her mama. she was opinionated and resolute. she insisted on that humble plant for me so that i can grow my collection of successful, living things. and you know what? that silly little plant made me tear up nice and good. call it pregnancy hormones, call it whatever...but that gift means the world to me. i won't go as far as to say that she "knew" that was the same plant as my healthy-green-thumb-go-me-success-plant, but i will say that she knows how to tug on my heartstrings. she knows me well. it has been placed next to the big and robust guy in the sunshine and i hope that they share those happy, growing, thriving vibes. and Lord please help me keep this little green cutie alive too... 


okay. and then there is that big brown box right up there. the pièce de résistance. the crème de la crème. a gaaaaaawwwwwgeous louis. perhaps it is because i lug around a gazillion things on the daily. perhaps it is because elinor has officially commandeered my diaper bag as her very own "purse" and fills it with baby doll clothes and wooden play kitchen utensils and blankets. or perhaps it is because i will soon be carrying around two-year-old toys and newborn essentials and mama bits and work items and all that requires some serious real estate.

whatever the inspiration or reason, my generous man and sweet daughter (and ridley too) surprised me with new purse/carrier/diaperbag/briefcase/carryall/neverfull. i am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and over-the-top-ness of this gift. i think i shall call him, pierre. he is ridiculously roomy and classic and chic. boy, do i feel fancy.

even when that bag is filled with burp cloths and children's books and a laptop and unglamorous odds and ends...i know it will help me feel like a refined lady. i suppose it is a life strategy of mine. even if you've got some major crazy or ugly or clutter going on, stash it in something nice to camouflage that stuff. put the junk in a pretty box. store those toys in a lovely basket. cram your life essentials into a beautiful bag. it will make you feel all put together and fab in the midst of a mess.


after some breakfast and continued lounging, our crew got all gussied up and hopped in the car to meet up with my family. we spent the morning at my parents' church so that we could celebrate baby sawyer's dedication.

i happen to think that mother's day is a simply perfect time to do this. on my first mother's day, we officially dedicated elinor to the Lord at our church with our family and friends and church family present to witness. it was such a sweet occasion. i can think of no better way to commemorate motherhood and parenthood than by gathering together to lift up a child and vow to support and raise up that little life in the fear and admonition of the Lord. a sobering and festive life event, indeed. congratulations to the beaming parents and my darling little nugget of a niece!


the afternoon was spent in brunch-tastic feasting and conversation and celebration. quiche and fruit and yogurt and granola and caprese salad and then, carrot bundt cake. you better believe that i helped myself to an extra helping of that stuff. complete with a bonus scoop of coffee ice cream. i mean, it is what you do on mother's day. baby boy really needed it. and i am a selfless mama like that...


i hope you had a beautiful weekend and mother's day and were able to rest and relax and enjoy time with friends and family, celebrating all the remarkable women in your life. praise God for His abundant blessings.

p.s. the winner of the goal digger gear giveaway has been head over there to see if it happens to be you!