elinor at 30 months

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a few snaps of miss elinor during a raging teething fest last week. she went down for her afternoon nap our regular little peanut and woke up all kinds of miserable. feverish. quiet. sensitive. and NO APPETITE! we just knew something was up...

there were a few days of lots of snuggling and extra sleep. eating cold, soothing foods - when she would eat anything at all. and all-around-pathetic times. but, she has two molars to show for it! and she is super proud of her "big girl teef". she powered-though that brief yet miserable period of time like a champ. and i am beyond grateful that she teethes quickly and intensely. she gets down to business and it is rough for a couple of days and then, voila, teeth. and it may sound cruel, but this mama really soaked up those extra quiet, slow days and all the snuggles...

and in other elinor news...here are a few of her recent favorite phases and antics. she is picking things up so fast. our adorable and sassy little sponge. what a cool age. and what an entertaining age. you never know what she will create in that mind of hers and it is the best.

* and hey, do you see that "30 month" thing up there in the title? boy, did that freak me out big time when i was doing the math. two-and-a-half. six months until we have a THREE YEAR OLD. seriously, time. you are kind of a jerk sometimes.

she likes to use the lint roller all over herself because she wants to "keen off the coco" (a.k.a. clean off the dog hairs)

every time we go upstairs, she wants to take me into baby brudder's room so that she can show me where he will stay. she then hops into the rocker and lets me know that she is going to "rock in the chair, mama. for just two minutes." (p.s. everything is "just two minutes")

"that's icky. i throw it away." (trash, paper, pretty much anything)

"almost" (when i ask her if she needs to potty or be changed or leave or go night-night)

me: "elinor, mama will do that for you but you need to wait and be patient." elinor waits a minute and replies: "oooookay, you ready now?"

"mama...you finished?" (usually when i am wrapping up a discipline/chat session)

"i sit next to you? yeah?" (our little snugglebug)

"mama. i go to sleep. i rest and be quiet. i not cry." (the bedtime rundown)

"please help me. help me do dis."

"i need it." (ahem, she "needs" everything. we are working on need vs. want right now...)

"oh, is it cute?" (and yes, everything is cute in elinorland)

"oh. my. josh." (said slowly and dramatically...her take on oh my gosh)

"go to the store and buy treats for mama?" (ben took her out to the store a few weeks back and decided to buy a fun treat to bring home to me. now, she asks to do this every night. and i don't mind one bit.)

"i brave."

"hey! is that a man?" (she is learning man and woman and children instead of calling everyone a baby)

"it is tasty, mama. mmmm...really good." (spoken after eating and it warms my heart, big time)

"you stay here, mama. i go with papa."

what's your name? "i babe." are you sure your name isn't elinor? "no, not ellllineeeer...i'm the babe." (ben calls her babe sometimes and much to our surprise, when someone asked her name the other day, she confidently responded that her name is babe. too funny. especially since she knows her full name and likes to remind us that is is "ellllineeeer gace why-house")

"oh! is that church? they going to church? i want to go to church." (she loves her church. and any time she sees a cross or a fancy building or a bible or people dressed up, she assumes it is church related)

me: "elinor, why do we obey?" elinor: "because it peases God and peases mama and papa." (amen)

"dirty heart, mama. i need Jesus to keen it up! pease help me, Jesus." (and amen, again)