joie de vivre

baguettes bonjour! so, ben has been a busy little baker. putting that sourdough starter to good use on the weekends to make some délicieux baguette for us to enjoy. breaking off a chunk to enjoy with morning coffee. adding jam or honey, if you fancy. or, in our new favorite weekend thing...sunday supper. we have fallen into a bit of a habit, dividing up a baguette and spreading some scrumptious butter on that beautiful thing. then, some ham and cheese (brie or gruyere, se il vous plaît) and dinner is served. preferably, enjoyed outdoors. il est parfait.

since i have been pregnant, we have put our usual wine club delivery on hold. i mean, what a bummer to get that big box of fermented grape goodness arriving at our front door while i am busy growing a tiny human, am i right? but with the due date creeping closer, i got things really rolling once again. we are all set for our june delivery right after our june delivery! that belle pain will be that much better paired with a jammy red. yum. and don't get me started on my need for a legit cappuccino with my croissant. decaf just doesn't always do.

and in a delightful spring-summer-mother's-day-aniversary-baby-birth-all-around-celebratory twist...ben has ordered an additional case of pretty pink stuff for us to enjoy. rosé, rosé, rosé. refreshing and cheery and delightful. i am not much for white wines but i am always excited about a rosé. that soft pink hue just makes it feel like a fête in a glass. so if you come to our home or invite us over in the month of june and beyond, get ready to sip something pink with us.

and on that crisp, berry sprightly note (wine pun), i have officially designated a veuve rose as my first postpartum beverage. the perfect happy, bubbly, summertime beverage to commemorate the birth of our little prince. AND ben has promised that he will be making blue macaron to serve to anyone who comes to visit AND i have already put in my request for his bread on a daily basis so...we should be all set around here. and of course, the champagne will be sipped from these beauties because isn't it fabulous to make an extra fancy occasion out of it? i sure think so.

which reminds me...i should probably get down to business and pick up my french language guide again. i have neglected my studies for far too long. we are just about a year away from our big ten year anniversary trip to paris and i refuse to sound like a silly foreigner in the city of lights. a girl cannot survive the streets of paris on catchphrases alone! perhaps i should convert sunday afternoons into a french-only zone. take all that baguette business to another level...reading and writing and listening and speaking (well, at least attempting to speak) in only french.

here's to learning new things and making magical moments out of simple things and fêtes for the fun of it and general, joie de vivre!