busy bees

IMG_0914 well, hello! things have been buzzing around here. busy busy and oh-so-good. just wanted to pop by to share a few snaps from the last week that you non-instagrammers might have missed.

IMG_0920IMG_0915IMG_0916IMG_0917 our mornings have been all about sunrise exercise and plant-rich power smoothies and plenty of snuggles. our evenings have been filled with fabuleux french bistro music and yummy food (thank you, ben, for supplying tasty bread for us). and weekends have been about dinners out and adventures to fresh spots (um, desoto central market...the tea & toast company is dreamy). work and play and projects. life is good.


in case you weren't aware, yesterday was earth day. we celebrated by grabbing some grub at chopshop and treating elinor to a massive acai bowl. we also used our #TeamQuinn compostable, recyclable, plantable buttons to plant some marigolds and zinnias. yay for flowers!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.12.59 PM

and while we are talking earth day and quinn popcorn...quinn is running an earth day sale until this sunday! you can receive 10% off your online order by entering the "EARTHDAY" code at checkout. and in addition to getting a sweet discount on tasty popcorn, you also contribute 10% to the growing gardens project which is super cool.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.54.44 PM

and while we are talking about earth stuff and planting flowers...our friends at whole foods have asked that we spread the word and spread some seeds to help protect pollinators!

head to their site and read more about what you can do to restore and support wildflower habitat by protecting tiny but vital critters like bees and butterflies and hummingbirds. you can also check out the more than honey documentary here. you know i am a sucker for a good documentary...

so, here's to springtime. staying busy and giving back and planting seeds and supporting others and stewarding our resources.

and a big thank you to our friends and partners at QUINN POPCORN and WHOLE FOODS MARKET! we are honored to be your friends and fans and patrons and teammates.

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