bébé numéro deux | 29 weeks


progress & countdown: 29 weeks down & 77 days to go.

baby size: a butternut squash.

food & drink: lots of fruit and veg and plant protein smoothies and juices and chia kombucha during the day. at this point, it is about getting max nutrition without excessive volume. the squished stomach does not enjoy being expanded into my ribcage (or to wherever my stomach has migrated in order to make room for a growing baby) these days so i am trying to be smart in the food department. yes, you gotta leave room for hearty meals with family and friends and some preggo indulgences but my everyday is nothing super amazing. i feel best when i keep things fresh and simple and tasty with bigger meals at night. oh, and cultured coconut cream with sprouted granola. loving that.

bump stuff: it is growing and growing. and the difference from day to night is hilarious. i feel like it doubles!

highs: celebrating holy week and enjoying sweet moments with elinor...especially when she hugs my belly and whispers, "i love you, baby brudder".

lows: nothing to report. works for me.

new developments: baby now weighs around 2.5 pounds and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and baby's head is growing bigger to make room for the developing brain. now is prime time for calcium intake as about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in baby's skeleton each day.

meaningful moments & hormones & feelings: i just feel like i have been feeling all the feelings. i think that pretty much covers it.

superficial stuff: so, i wore heels a few times this week and then mentioned that i should probably stick to flats. so ben has jumped in to give me foot massages which is amazing and makes me want to wear heels every day just to get more of that.

looking forward to: a low-key week with our evenings and weekend spent with plenty of nesting and puttering around the house and cooking meals and relaxing and spending some time wandering outside and perhaps watching a mindless movie or tv show with my man.