all you need is love

IMG_0772 pay attention to that sign right up there. it pretty much sums up this entire post.

we went out for a quick dinner of protein bowls with forbidden rice and kale/sweet potato hash with lots of roasted veg and green curry tofu (and a cheese crisp for elinor)...followed by a pitaya bowl to splitsies. and as a delightfully sweet side dish, i was treated to a total lovefest between my man and his little darling.


seriously though, take a look at this heart-bursting cuteness. one hundred percent guaranteed to make you all misty-eyed and give you all the feelings and leave you verklempt.


gah! sigh. swoon. i don't know if it gets any sweeter.

perfection. truly, perfection. i am so blessed to be loved by this guy and watch him love our little lady.