mini fashionista

i mean, do i really even need to type any words for this post? those itty-bitty bits of fashion do a whole lot of talking. how cute are those items?

because it is essentially springtime around these parts, i decided that it was time to freshen up miss elinor's wardrobe. we bought her some fun items for the fall and since she has really grown since last summer, i was thinking that most of her old shirts wouldn't exactly fit her this year. we stocked up on some warm weather items almost 18 months ago and those pieces have worked for quite a few seasons. we got our money's worth, for sure. i figured that it was time for some new stuff. plus, elinor is becoming quite the little lady and was ready to take things up a notch. enter, crewcuts.

j.crew had their 50% off final sale (and 25% off new items) a few days ago and i jumped! elinor and i sat down at the computer and selected tons and tons of items. then, we did some shopping cart editing (i don't know that ben would condone spending over a grand on two-year-old clothes...) and settled on a splendid collection of mix-and-match items for spring/summer. plenty of shorts and skirts and sassy shirts. would you look at those shirts? how stylish and chic are they? if i weren't working with a growing bump, i would have up-sized and snagged some matchy-matchy goodies for me...

i can't wait for her clothes to arrive! and what fun for elinor to open the box and find all her new threads. she gets so excited when we receive boxes. and the last thing we received was filled with items for ridley so this will be fun for her to get some outfits that are all for her. it also gave us a nice excuse to clean out her closet and drawers to make room for new things. a little premature spring cleaning with my happy helper. we folded and organized and tried on clothes. we talked about putting away old things and getting excited for new things (a VERY common theme around our home, these days). we made a big mess and then sorted and created "keep" and "give away/store" piles. and by the was kind of sad adding another set of clothes to elinor's storage bin. i am keeping everything for now but there is a pretty good chance that we won't use them again. that's kind of intense. how about we move on...

shoes. let us talk about shoes.

i was totally smart and planned out my seasonal stock-up of freshly picked moccasins to line up with their 25% off, one-day sale! YES. so, elinor's feetsies are officially all set for the next season too. perfect little moccs to coordinate with her wardrobe.

oh my gosh. amazingness. i have had my eye on all three of those colors in the past few months so i was *blissed out* when i learned they were included in the sale. and speaking of mama and me matchy-matchy-ness...i really really wish that i could size-up in these moccs and rock some along with elinor. those neon green ones? i meeeeeeean...

but since that was a no-go, i snagged some new birks to console me and support my soles. and they are pretty rad. my feet will be comfy and fashiony this summer...two very important things, especially in those final weeks of pregnancy. yes, yes, yes! crunchy granola chic.

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