bébé numéro deux | 22 weeks


progress & countdown: 22 weeks down & 126 days to go!

baby size: a spaghetti squash. wait, what? that's kind of huge.

food & drink:  welp, the food intake and sugar consumption was pretty out of control over the weekend. but, you get a pass on valentine's eve and day and vday-post, right? that's what i thought... so, time to get back on track. ben and i usually enjoy a splurge or so during the week but those are becoming less fun as i feel them faster now. and with my body pumping extra blood to support baby plus the growing bump, i am feeling a tad heavier and that really does not need to be "helped" by giant plates of food and candy and such. oh well. it is a new week! and we have promised ourselves to get back on track and steer clear of any sweets. p.s. lent begins on wednesday so you can probably guess what i will be forgoing...

bump stuff: it totally got real this week. and i am particularly fond of the dress i am wearing in the pictures above because it is all flowy and does amazing things for the bump. that fabric totally works in my favor...the bump looks so legit! huzzah! hello, bump! i know that this is just the beginning. it seemed to take me a few extra weeks this time around but i am really starting to feel like a full-fledged pregnant lady. so exciting but also...eek. i know that the craziest bump-ness is still to come. it seems so crazy that i am already 22 weeks pregnant but on the other hand, i still have a good 18 weeks left which kind of seems like a long time. in other bump news...remind me to show you the cool tricks i can perform with the bump shape. funny stuff. if i tighten (whatever is left of) my ab muscles, the bump flattens out and makes my midsection look crazy thick but not super pregnant-bump-y. when i relax and let the belly just chill, the bump morphs into this super low-riding ball of baby. like a little spaghetti squash, actually...

highs: seeing the belly really pop + listening to elinor tell us over and over that "baby brudder's name is rid-ree" + celebrating valentine's day with ben, just us

lows: having to go to the bathroom like a crazy lady. hydration plus a super active baby equals no bueno for the bladder.

new developments: baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn now! his lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct (MORE distinct? that sounds intense. because as of three weeks ago, that brow section seemed fairly pronounced. he was throwing us some major shade during the ultrasound...) and tiny tooth buds are developing beneath the gums. baby's eyes have formed but the irises still lack pigment. baby is now 11 inches long and about 1 pound!  a whole pound! baby is measuring by the pound now... a layer of fine hair (lanugo) is now visible and the skin is quite wrinkled. but a nice layer of fat should being to form in the coming weeks to give baby a nice chubby look by birth. in other news, the pancreas is developing steadily.

meaningful moments & hormones & feelings: i have been trying to be extra intentional with elinor lately to prepare her for baby. i want it to be a positive thing and for all the changes to feel as natural and happy as possible. i know that won't always be the case but as long as she is still our only one, i am working to control the environment and conversation so that she is excited for new things to come and will embrace this new little life. i sometimes can't believe that we will have another very soon... also, she is incredibly empathic which is so lovely but i need to be aware of that when it comes to a new baby in the house. she feels things deeply and while i love that she engages so thoughtfully and emotionally with others, i don't want her to carry around the "baby is crying, baby is sad, baby needs help...i will do it" stuff all the time. she is so eager to jump in and help (and take control) but i hope that she can also enjoy her time as a little one too. and that ben and i will be mindful of her needs and emotions and plan plenty of "just elinor" time so we can enjoy that time together. 

superficial stuff: the blood supply is increasing and i am not only seeing those veins in my belly but i am feeling my body working to support baby. it is getting real and the "heaviness" of pregnancy is definitely happening over here. there is a specific fullness/heaviness that comes with pregnancy that is hard to explain. it is incredible, yes. it grounds you. but it also makes you feel outside of yourself which is bizarre.

looking forward to: family outings with elinor. since the weather has decided that we are skipping winter (boo. i was hoping for a few more weeks of sweaters and pants before the hot sun settles in for a long summer's stay) and jumping right into spring/summer, i am trying to embrace it and get outdoors more to play and eat meals and have some fun. lemons and lemonade, am i right?