little bits of life

IMG_0540 IMG_0541 IMG_0542 IMG_0543 IMG_0549 IMG_0545 IMG_0547 the purpose of this post is twofold: 1) to share the two times last week that we went out for a meal which consisted of guacamole and/or tacos, and 2) to share the cuteness of ben and elinor.

then again, that pretty much sums up this blog most weeks. with the exception of last week which was waaaaay baby and mama heavy. sorry about that. working on balance over here. some people may not be interested in sonograms and nursery items every darn day. but when you have a lifestyle blog, it fluctuates. some weeks are more style focused or activity focused. other weeks are all about the food. many, many weeks are all about elinor. others are marriage and date nights. occasionally, i get lost in philosophical thought and post that. when my heart is heavy or i feel like i am bombarding ben with all my musings, i like to come over here and get that stuff out. cathartic. and hopefully, it means something to someone else who may be thinking similar thoughts. but that is life, isn't it? complicated and wonderful bits and pieces that swirl together and form a moment - an hour - a day - a week - you get the drift. and i am good with that. some weeks are easy-breezy. content flows and i feel inspired and energized and hopeful. other weeks are more mundane. many hours spent at home just playing or in front of my computer working away. and then there are the very worst kind of weeks...those ones that are so exhausting or overwhelming that you find yourself wishing the week away in the hope that the weekend will bring sunshine and rainbows and relief and rest. don't get me wrong, i always look forward to the weekend but what a shame to waste a week running away from the day at hand. no bueno.

(insert smooth transition here)

so, what can you expect to see this week on the blog? i will have you know that i have something fun and fab planned for friday. just you wait! hint: it is giveaway time!

and there is a chance that you will find me back here ranting about mamas and their ways...stemming from a few social media posts with corresponding comments that i have observed recently (and tried not to engage in). nasty stuff. vaccine wars and attachment parenting disputes and all that loveliness. it has made me mediate on proverbs 9:7 "whoever corrects a scoffer gets himself abuse, and he who reproves a wicked man incurs injury." i am seeing a lot of scoffing out there. my gut instinct is to try to jump in and correct it but then i see well-meaning and kind and courteous ladies attempt to "share" or clarify a point or defend choices and it gets ugly, fast. abuse and injury everywhere. pouncing. claws. unpleasantries. and the judgement! lions and tigers and bears, oh my! so, yeaaaahhh... i might need to type through some stuff. we'll see.

but for now, happy tuesday! and please make sure that you took note of the super serious faces on elinor and ben in those first pictures i posted. they don't mess around when it comes to salsa and guac. no joke, elinor consumed almost an entire bowl of guacamole by herself...with a spoon. and i thought i was bad. this kid has a major love affair with avocados. and she loves her "spicy dip" too. scoops the salsa with those chips like a pro, tomato chunks and all (ick). she's so great.