taking stock | december's end

IMG_4379 |making| plans. |cooking| roasted veggies and chili. |drinking| orange carrot juice + superfood smoothies. |reading| to elinor. and planning my 2015 reads. |wanting| christmas to be here again. |looking| forward to lots of fun gatherings in the coming weeks. |playing| our new records. miles davis and coldplay. |wasting| paper. making list after list after list. |sewing| a new year brings new inspiration! |wishing| that time would slow down for just a bit. |enjoying| my new slippers. |waiting| for my tea to steep. |liking| our family evenings together. |wondering| what 2015 will have in store... |loving| ben. full stop. |hoping| that God strengthens me and stretches me. |marveling| at elinor's growing vocabulary and increasing imagination. |needing| to finish putting away the christmas gifts... but, they are just too fun! |smelling| my new perfume. |wearing| flannel. all the time. |noticing| what a homebody i am this time of year. |knowing| that january will be a full and fabulous month. |thinking| about new hairstyles. |feeling| cuddly and cozy. |bookmarking| design magazines. |opening| chocolate bars from my man. |giggling| at the silly and amazing things that elinor says...

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