#12DatesofChristmas2014 | number eleven

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{on the eleventh date of christmas}

seeing the hobbit and enjoying dinner at hopdoddy

on the weekend we (dramatic pause) saw a movie. yup. it is a total unicorn for us. we get in our fair share of date nights but they usually involve dinner and such. when we get a few hours of "just us" time, it is hard to spend it in silence. we thrive on adult conversation over tasty food. and so, movies in the theater have mostly fallen by the wayside. but not this time. not when The Hobbit is happening.

whatever will we do without a Tolkien movie at Christmastime? seeing LOTR/The Hobbit has become a bit of a "thing" for us. it wasn't intentional, but somehow, this time of year, we find ourselves in the theater spending a few hours in Middle Earth. and i love it.

my mom so kindly offered to spend the afternoon with elinor and my dad joined us for some movie fun. it was such a treat. A MOVIE! so funny, how life changes. seeing movies was a staple date night for us, back in the day. and now, so rare. and so special. and it makes us way more choosy about what we spend our time and money on, which is absolutely a good thing. being mindful is always a good thing.

anywho. after the movie, it was off to hopdoddy for some burgers and fries. oh, fries. truffle and parm fries plus fries with green chile queso for dipping. amazingness. and those burgers. oh man. i didn't even get in there for a pic, that's how good. what a perfect way to spend a few hours on a saturday. i will do more of that any old time.