family brunch

IMG_0490 IMG_0489 IMG_0486 IMG_0488 IMG_0487 on sunday, we decided that it would be nice to make an impromptu pitstop for brunch after church. i have had flower child on the brain and so, flower child it was. we had a pretty packed day, but there is always time for food.

hummus and pita (the servers were super generous and brought us a couple extra helpings of pita which was amazing) and kombucha and the yummiest tea/lemonade and all that flavorful veg. oh, and yes to the mac and cheese. always.

elinor people-watched and ate hummus by the spoonful. she also mmmmm'ed and swooned over papa's mac and cheese which he so kindly shared. you know he likes you if he will share his food with you... and that sweet potato business you see up there is my weakness. sweet and savory and sour and perfect. but really, next time i might just forget all that cauliflower and double-up. or heck, why not get a whole bowl? so good. and with the way that E eats, extra food is a necessity.

can you believe that Christmas is only two sleeps away? so crazy and exciting. things are wonderfully wild around here and there is much more fun to come! what a delightful season. i am so grateful for the parties and plans and outings and family gatherings...but i am also thankful for simple and brief brunch dates with my little crew. taking thirty minutes or so in the midst of it all to chat and reconnect and relax a bit. i need those moments. and i hope for even more of them to come.