{image via tiffany}

even though next week is going to be ridiculously busy and is already jam-packed with baking and cooking galore, i am seriously considering making a batch of these. eggnog cinnamon rolls, y'all. the drool reflex kicked in pretty hard just typing those words.

what is it about cinnamon rolls that make me weak in the knees? i am such a sucker for buttery pastry and sugar. gotta be honest. and cinnamon anything is a winner in my book. and this time of year, there is nothing more perfect and decadent for me than eggnog. we keep the fridge stocked so we can enjoy a glass at night or even add a splash to coffee. yes.

and these cinnamon rolls have just enough whiskey in the icing to make them legit. i really need to start making these a Christmas morning tradition, i think. right in there with Christmas morning mimosas. mimosas and cinnamon rolls would be an ideal start to the day, and an excellent warm up for Christmas morning eggs benedict at ben's folks' place...which serves as an ideal family meal starting place, leading into {hubby's out of this world amazing} Christmas evening béchamel lasagne.

i can almost hear myself gaining weight. but it is so worth it. i think it is only right for Christmas to give thanksgiving a run for its money in the indulgent deliciousness department. who is with me?

hopefully, i can get my act together next week and make this happen. if not, there is always my man's birthday breakfast in january...

here's to savoring the tastes and moments of the season.

and to butter. and eggnog.