taking stock | november's end


|making| notes to myself. |cooking| gourds and seasonal salads and egg dishes and soup. |drinking| chia kombucha and all the orange juice. keeping those sickies away. |reading| our family advent book + handle's messiah advent reader + a christmas carol. |wanting| to play in the snow. just for a few hours. |looking| for gifts. online. for other people. don't worry ben...not looking for my gifts around the house. no peeking! |playing| all the christmas albums. |wasting| tape. |sewing| refer to my previous response. |wishing| for more hours in the day and more cookies in the house. one of these can be easily remedied... |enjoying| everything about the season. |waiting| for my fuzzy blanket to come out of the dryer. |liking| eggnog. way too much, i might add. |wondering| what elinor will be like on christmas day. |loving| elinor's pure excitement when she days "baby Jesus". |hoping| that i can be purposeful this season and make it a meaningful one. |marveling| at the dedication and steadfastness of my husband. |needing| a pedicure. might have to paint the toesies with something festive for the holidays. |smelling| frankincense and gingerbread. |wearing| roots sweatpants with a henley shirt and slippers. and topknot, all the way. |noticing| how magic the light is in our home in the winter. twinkling lights don't hurt... |knowing| that a new year will be here in a flash. |thinking| about all the things penciled in on the calendar. gotta love december. |feeling| full and joyful. |bookmarking| ssshhh, it's a secret. hurray for gift-giving. |opening| clementines and pomegranates. |giggling| at elinor's oh-so-serious face.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.