ponder | living in the middle

IMG_0322 running really helps me not only release stress and get the endorphins flowing, it helps me think. it is a quiet time when i can ponder and muse and brainstorm. i get to exercise the grey cells along with my muscles.

and lately, my runs have confirmed what i have been feeling about myself - i am really good at the first mile and final stretch. i am a starter and a finisher. my running pattern really runs parallel to my actions in life. i am a self-starter and love tackling something new and getting a good plan in place. and "finishing strong" isn't much of a problem for me; i love a good final all-out sprint to the finish. but being strong in the middle is tough. i get bored. i get distracted. repetitive activity. pattern. consistency. and sometimes, the mundane. blah. are there people who excel at that kind of stuff? kudos and high fives. i respect that so much. because it is such an achilles heel for me.

wait, did i just liken myself to some kind of powerful awesome mythical dude? yikes. there's gotta be a better metaphor...

what i am trying to say is that i need to work at picking up the pace in the middle part and learn to enjoy the journey while i am at it. after all, a lot of life is spent in the middle of something. i don't want to waste that.

here's to strong middles!