taking stock | september's end

IMG_0323 |making| funny squishy faces at elinor. |cooking| less these days thanks to ben's desire to create delish dishes on the regular. loving the chance to sit back and relax while becoming inspired anew and welcoming a new season of meals. |drinking| a perfect cup of locally roasted, deep and dark french roast...outside because il set parfait. |reading| bonhoeffer + the cuckoo's calling + le petit prince + madeline + the gruffalo + and, olivia |wanting| to wear all the ankle boots and loafers. |looking| for my keys. |playing| the piano with the little miss. |wasting| paper towels. |sewing| in the new year. it is happening. promise. |wishing| that i could quiet my mind for a bit. such a difficult thing for me. |enjoying| time with friends and more outdoor activities. |waiting| for my warby parker home try-ons to arrive. |liking| the charming, old world chiming of the clock on the wall. |wondering| what fabric to select for our antique chairs and settee. |loving| my little family. |hoping| for an extra chilly and extra long winter. |marveling| at elinor's development. |needing| to stop. and pray. |smelling| sandalwood and myrrh. |wearing| four day hair + specs + a red lip. |noticing| the charlie photobomb in the pic above. |knowing| that time flies. |thinking| about this weekend. |feeling| grateful. |bookmarking| gosh, what am i not bookmarking? |opening| the windows. and birthday packages for elinor. |giggling| at my hubby and his flirty silly ways.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.