oh hey autumn, is that really you?

IMG_3206 would you look at that? amber and vermilion! leaves on the ground.

on my run yesterday, i rounded a familiar corner by the bird sanctuary to head into the park and i was met with this gorgeous sight. the look of fall. mind you, it still felt much too warm to be fall. that crisp air hasn't quite arrived yet, even in the early morning. but i am starting to see glimmers! to smell familiar scents. the light is changing. it seems cooler...in spite of the air conditioner kicking on far too often during the day. aromas of spices and soups waft through the air as i pass by neighborhoods, replacing those of summertime barbecue. pumpkin spice lattes are being ordered by those brazen arizonans who dare to sip such a beverage in 95 degree weather. i like your style even if i don't particularly like that drink.

it is coming. and oh, it is my favorite. so when you next see me, don't be alarmed if i am rocking some garb which can only be labeled as unseasonable and insensible for arizona. i care not. i am jumping in with gusto. autumn, i welcome you! bring me your delicious sweater weather.