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IMG_0267 oh, parenthood. you delightful and wild thing. so fun and so challenging. elation and worry. wonder and confusion. a marvelous mix of emotions which are captured in one moment... repeating for days and days and years and a lifetime. as simple and mundane as wiping a mouth and as complex and extraordinary as shaping a spirit. fulfillment and emptying of one's self. tears of joy. and irrational toddlerhood "trauma" tears that burst forth and dry up in a blink. smiles and cuddles. sweet and sour. discipline and instruction and communication. babblings and repetitive nonsensical words. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

head bumps. kisses. hugs. soiled diapers. applause and uhohs. tickles and giggles. messes and cleanups. toys and books and crayons and bubbles. songs and prayers and dainty amens. counting and abc-ing. sharing. scribbling. dancing. filling and pouring water. pouring out your heart.

and you know how littles seem to know exactly when you are at the tipping point? that moment when they have given you their best sass and you are rolling up your sleeves and fastening your serious parenting suspenders. that moment. but before you can get in there and do your discipline thing, they look you in both eyeballs and say, "hi maaaaaama" and lean in for the biggest hug. they pounce like an adorable furry little creature. something extra fuzzy with super big eyes. and they ruin your seriousity. you were going to rock that parenting moment. instead, you are smiling like a fool and have forgotten all about their infraction. toddlers, they are good.

speaking of good...lets talk about some of the adorableness that just melts your heart. elinor likes to make mama and papa play the kissing game. she puts one hand on the back of papa's head and one hand on the back of mama's head and smooshes our faces together while making her kissy face and corresponding sound effect. over and over and over. it is nice to have a little one around to make sure we are getting our recommended daily amount of PDA. and then there is her "papa! papa hooooooome!" exclamation whenever she hears a "vroom-vroom car" drive by in the afternoon. she loves when papa comes home. she gets to tell him all her tales from the day, which are wild. oh, and elinor is really into possessives right now. sometimes, that can be kind of obnoxious with mine this and mine that. but, she has started coming up to me, putting her little hand on my chest, and intently declaring, "mama. mine, mama". yes, elinor. i am mine mama. your mama. and you are mine little one. we sure do love our little peanut. God gave us a good one.

xo, two bonkers parents


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